Friday, November 21, 2014

The Banana Experiment

Friday, August 15, 2014

Less Is More

Less Is More
The tiny house trend is on the rise with more and more individuals, couples, and families choosing to trade in space for simplicity. Shrinking square footage not only cuts down on chores — it’s a lifestyle change all about living with less and decreasing environmental impact over time.

Less Is More:The Tiny House Movement

Less Is More:The Tiny House Movement
Infographic by CustomMade

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Painted Subfloor In Den

We pulled up the carpet in the den, patched a bad spot near the patio door. I can't afford what I want and hate to spend money on a temporary fix, so I'm seriously thinking about just painting the sub-flooring and being done with it. I'll update when I decide and as we progress.

The hardest and most time consuming part was preparing the floor. The carpet came up fast but there were staples to remove, I used a monkey wrench to grab and roll them out. I used a floor patch and leveler to fill nail holes and level the joints, of course we sealed it before painting. I used an exterior satin latex paint so I can mop it. One gallon covered my 13'x18' den, the hallway, and the baseboards, with enough left over for future touch-ups.

Update: I decided to paint it at least for now.
It's just a nasty ole chipboard subfloor, standard in mobile homes, but I patched, leveled, sealed, painted, and replaced the trim with 'window and door trim because it's what I had. Had I thought about it, I might have tinted the sealer to make the inevitable scratches in the paint less noticeable. I don't mind at all that it's a bit rough though, I like 'rustic'.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bringing New Meaning To 'A Chorus Of Crickets'

You've never heard a chorus of crickets sound like this! Absolutely beautiful. A soundtrack of crickets at normal speed is overlayed with the same soundtrack but slowed down to equal a human lifetime. If I didn't know it was crickets I would have thought I was listening to a church choir.