Saturday, March 3, 2012

Backyard Guest Retreats

I've had a thing for tiny houses since I was a kid I guess. Until recently I thought everyone grew up drawing floor plans of their 'someday' house. My sisters always got mad because I would help them set up their barbie doll houses making dish-towel bedspreads to cover cereal box beds etc, but I always quit "just when we got everything ready" they would say.
Anyway.... I'm so glad it's becoming popular to use little cabins, portable buildings, even shipping containers - as backyard art studios and guest retreats.
I'm in the country now and think it would be fun to put a couple of these little "cabins" in the back facing the woods. There's lots of berry bushes and trees back there we could tuck them into. We've already built a barn (we used fence pickets from the hurricane clean-up on the exterior so it looks old) and are just finishing a guest apt in the loft above it. I'd like to turn the bottom of the barn into a kinda 'backyard retreat' or 'man-cave' as my husband calls it, for parties and overnight guests.
This is my barn.
Guest apt in the barn's loft. I made these mock-ups at autodesk to visualize the apt.
Building the barn and yes I painted it green...

We're doing it ourselves too. I'm still working on the floors, counter-tops (which I plan to tile), and paint. I think it be fun to put a couple more little buildings close-by that could double as extra sleeping spaces!

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