Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fiverr For Freelance Jobs and lots more

I just started using Fiverr. It's a site where freelancers of all sorts, and I do mean all sorts, buy and sell skills and talents for $5 a pop. Look thru all the categories they have to see what is available. Maybe you have a skill you would like to sell? As I browsed thru the site I noticed someone offering to research any vacation for $5. It got me thinking of my last vacation in the Texas Hill Country. We met family at a guest ranch to research our genealogy in the Dublin and Purves area. I'm a bit obsessive and spent many hours researching everything about Erath county, and saved it all! I could put this in a PDF file and sell it to others interested in visiting the area. Lol AND..... I could sell it again and again. hmmm

I've only used it to find someone to do some SEO work for me so far but am really pleased. Many times I've thought of 'outsourcing' some of the more boring work I do, but I always thought it would be expensive....  At I found my guy, it was only $5 and I was thrilled with the work!

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