Monday, April 9, 2012

Barn Raising Photos

Derick thought I was crazy when I told him I thought that with my Dad's help we could build a barn with a sweet loft apt above it for cheap, using as much salvaged materials as I can scrape up. I lovingly call him 'left-brain' because he's about the least visual person I know. My description of a barn clad in used fence pickets, a roof of rusty tin salvaged from the hurricane Rita clean-up, and hay loft decorated with junk to make a guest quarters.... well let's just say he did not see my vision! He eventually relented and trusted me  though and we started building our barn. It's a good size (24' x 33'). We decided to position it in the very back of our property, and fix up the loft for overnight guests. The barn has the usual stuff like a workbench and tools but also has a pool table and dart board so it's a multi-purpose barn! It's a great place for parties. It's been slow going but we're getting there. We've had many starts and stops for one reason or another time is an issue but most usually it's money. I've had to remind left-brain often that I said cheap - not free. Here's some pictures taken through-out the different phases of construction. You can click the pictures to enlarge them and I'm also using Thinglink which allows me to make notes on the photos.  

16 4" x 6" treated posts

The cement truck was scheduled to arrive early while these nice shadows cast across our foundation

It arrived 3 hours late on this 100* day we almost died!
We saved money buying the pink studs. The pink thing will become the loft. 

The buzzards enjoy sitting on it, check-out the shadow I caught on the wall.

The rusty corrugated tin I got for free looks good

The work was/is really hard this vision of the loft apt I made at Autodesk kept me motivated.
Most paint websites have online virtual painter's to see wall paint choices 

We could never have done it without my Dad's help.
So close to having the loft finished
Those virtual online painter's I mentioned made me a little insane with so many choices! But I like Valspar 'Organic Garden'.

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