Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Durango Trip

Some last minute 'timing' issues has caused us to scramble to make new vacations plans in a hurry.
Sooo... we leave in 4 days! Saturday morning we're flying to Durango Colorado for the week!!!

I've always wanted to go, but I'm certain I will break my leg if I attempt skiing, so the crisp air and spectacular mountain scenery of Autumn seems like the perfect time for us to go. Perhaps a bit late in the year but we'll see. You'll see too if you want, because I'm making an online journal of sorts, I'll add the link below. It's like my very own online travel guide I guess, and once I get there I can post pictures and journal about the details. Family and friends follow our 'photo trail' while we're there (I love you Mom!). I'll be updating the journal with photos and notes in real time as we explore.

Gorgeous Fall Colors

We reserved a cozy cabin with a rock fireplace here on Lake Vallecito

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