Sunday, January 1, 2012

Valspar Organic Garden - In The Loft

OMG! I'm making myself insane over paint color choices, here's what I ended up with! I like it but it's bright which I wanted, but still shocks me a bit. Hopefully this Valspar Organic Green is just bright enough to be surprising and has just enough yellow to keep it warm but not go pea-soupy. Anyway my brain is tired of thinking about it. It'll just have to work.... 

I can easily change-out the bedding, curtains, a few accents to have a whole different look depending on who our guests are.
I like this Oops A Daisy Collection. It's sweet and girly. I could use it for the bedding, curtains, maybe a throw pillow, etc. It would be easy to make-over the room by just changing the fabrics.



Here's some more rustic and muted fabrics (my camera didn't do them justice) I was thinking of before I found the Oops A Daisy fabric collection by Moda.

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