Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, and More Blue

I used Sherwin-William's Visualizer to 'paint' my room, it's really cool. I thought I wanted some shade of green, but couldn't find anything that looked right. I wonder if one of these blues might work. 
The cabin is small enough (14'x24') that if I get the paint right, I can re-decorate it often by just changing the bedding, curtains, and maybe the wall art, depending on the season or who my guests are. Family for different holidays, friends during the summer, and my husband's hunting and fishing buddies too.
I want to have fun with it I guess, like a little doll house where I can play 'decorator'.
I have a little wood and crafts shop is in the barn below, and I love rustic crafts and making things from barnwood. I look forward to making curtains and maybe even a slipcover for the sofa if I can get my nerve up (have you seen the cheap drop cloth slip covers everyone is making lately?).

These 3 colors are fairly neutral I think, but are they boring? I want the cabin to be fun and a little different.

Powder Blue SW 2863

Refuge SW 6228

These next 3 colors are richer and brighter, maybe more fun, but will they get old quick, and will they go with my 'rustic' stuff?
Adrift SW 7608
Georgian Bay SW 6509

Dignity Blue SW 6804
If you have a favorite or can suggest a green (or any color) that won't clash with red accents I might use occationally, please leave me a comment.  

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