Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snake In The Grass!

So not everything is perfect with country life. This is the 2nd snake we've found this week. This drought (more than 100 days without a drop of rain) has really got them moving I guess. The 1st one we found, was actually at the sliding glass door to the house, trying to get in! This one was crossing the yard headed toward the dog's yard. If I had video-ed Derick when he shot and missed and had to run back in to get another shell, I could win $10,000! It looked like he was doing an impression of Captain Jack from Pirate's Of The Caribbean! Arm's over his head, knees tipped out and high-steppin' it to the house, not the most masculine thing I've ever seen for sure! I hadn't realized when he missed, it went right for him and he didn't have another shell! Neither were poisonous, but both big enough to be a danger to my squirrel "Ike" and my little chihuahuas (not to mention my heart).

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