Monday, June 13, 2011

It's None Of My Business What Other People Think Of Me

It's None Of My Business What Other People Think Of Me
Hard to learn but the truth is - when someone looks at you and doesn't like something about you, what they are really seeing is a reflection of something they dislike about themselves!
It has nothing to do with us as a person, and we shouldn't take insults or judgments from other people personally. These people are insecure in their life and are saying these things to make themselves (actually their egos) feel "bigger and better" than you.
If you are a people pleaser, but feel deep-seated resentment in doing so, you need to remember it is impossible to make everyone happy with the choices we make. If you worry about getting everyone’s approval, you’ll never get anywhere. It will consume all of your time and energy and drain you of the ability to move on in your life.
In fact if you find yourself obsessing over what someone may or may not be thinking about you, you likely have control issues. You may be living under the assumption that by behaving in a certain way, you are somehow controlling what people will think of you. But it's an illusion. What people "think" is always about them. That's just the way the human brain works.

I should add:   I'm not saying we shouldn't care about other people. I'm speaking specifically about what other people think about us.