Friday, September 16, 2011

Ahh For The Love Of Fat Quarters!

I'm just stopped in my tracks, by colorful fat quarter bundles in beautifully coordinated collections in stacks, folded so neatly and tied with a ribbon. I love them, the hard work of matching prints is already done and I can already see how pretty they look together, and imagine ALL the things I could make with them! 

But a fat quarter isn't a matter of presentation. It' really all about the way it's cut. My friends ask what IS a fat quarter anyway, and what makes it so great? 
The simple answer is it's a square-ish block, as opposed to narrow strip of fabric, so there's more ways to use it.

Most cotton is 44" wide. It comes doubled over on the bolt. So if you cut a regular yard (.25), you cut 9" which is 1/4 of 36". So a regular quarter is 9" wide, by 44" long.

To cut a fat quarter, you start by cutting 18" (instead of 9") off the bolt, then cut that piece in half along the fold. Now you have 2 square-ish fat quarters, each one is 18' x 22'. It's a better size for projects. 

Oops A Daisy collection by Moda . 42 - 5" squares in this one. Sweet huh?

 These are a couple of new bundles (the color is definitely off).

Here's one opened up, it's laying on top the blue fabric. I left the iron to give perspective.

 This half apron is made from one fat quarter. But there's tons of easy projects perfect for fat quarters. Like throw pillows, lampshade covers, oven mits, bunches!

 Same apron after I added a bib. (I don't know what's with the color on my camera, see it really is a pretty blue) I really like this style the best and plan to make more,
My next will have much longer ties and I'll round the apron skirt corners. Live and learn....

Jelly Rolls....
 This collection is 40 2 1/2" strips.

Charm Packs.....

I haven't decided what I'll do with them yet, but was drawn to it because it has the colors, red and apple green I plan to do the guest apt in. It's also got a modern nature theme, (ladybugs, flowers, butterflies, leaves, and gingham, which is perfect for out there. The gingham is so cool I think, because it's little checks are rustic and old-fashioned, fitting for an apt over a barn, but the colors are bright, and bold, and modern. At some point my projects always merge, and you can be sure the guest apt is going to have a pretty matching apron hanging in the little kitchen! 

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