Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY Doggie Sleeping Bags

I recycled my old comforter to make some dog beds for the girls. I'm putting a drawstring on them so I can cinch them up like little bowls. My chihuahuas like to snuggle down under something, and I thought this would be perfect, like little round sleeping bags. I put a little extra stuffing in the bottom, but wish now I had added a whole thick layer to make it more 'poofy'. But as you see the girls were fighting over the first one I got done this evening. I'm supposed to be making aprons.... but had this brainstorm.

I cut three 24" inch circles

Cut and pressed some strips to make a band to run a rope thru, and sewed around the circle. 
Maggie got in it as soon as she saw it.

She knew exactly what it was for, curled up and went to sleep. 

 She eventually had to go get a drink of water, and look what happened.
Now Dixie won't get out of it!

Ahh well it's nice to have my handy-work appreciated. Tomorrow I put together the other two. 

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